Christmas isn’t the only day notorious for plumbing problems. The entire holiday season can push some household plumbing systems to their limit. Excessive use in kitchen activity. Increased bathroom traffic from gatherings and overnight guests in Kelowna. But if you observe a few best practices and perform some light maintenance, you can keep your water services in prime plumbing condition for the holidays in Kelowna.

Disposals Aren’t for Everything 

Used properly in West Kelowna, your garbage disposal can save you from some of the messiest kitchen tasks. It’s ideal for disposing of leftovers that are too liquid or smelly for the trash can. It can make quick work of a whole spectrum of kitchen scraps. But even top-of-the-line disposals can struggle with some substances.Knowing what to avoid is key. Kitchen sink clogs can derail any holiday.

This kitchen waste belongs in the trash, never the disposal:

Celery and asparagus: vegetables like these are so fibrous that they can actually wrap around the disposal blade and grind it to a halt.

Potato peels: you run the risk of creating a starchy paste that can gum up the works.

Fat, grease and oil: These can solidify around the blade and clog your drain pipe.

Pasta and rice: These foods expand in water, even after they’ve been fully cooked. Stuffing your disposal with leftover noodles can overfill the chamber before you know it.

Bones: Anything larger than the Fine fish bones belongs in the garbage or compost.

Have a Plan if you live in West Kelowna

If you’ve never manually cleared a clog in your garbage disposal, now is the time to learn the safe and proper way. The best source for this information is your disposal’s manual, which you can likely find online with a quick search for your disposal’s manufacturer name and model number.

Most models have a manual crank at the bottom that allows you to turn the blade when it’s stuck. It’s never truly safe to reach into a garbage disposal, even when it’s completely disconnected from power, so the manual crank is the preferred method for loosening clogs.

Your disposal may also be able to shut itself down to prevent damage to the motor in the event of a clog. If your disposal has this feature, you’ll need to press a reset button to restore power once you’ve manually cleared the clog.

Full House

Whether you’re just entertaining for the evening or you’re putting up a house full of guests for several days in Kelowna, bathrooms are going to get busy. Before your guests arrive, peek inside your toilet’s tank just to make sure your flapper is in good condition.Stick a plunger in the bathroom just so that it’s at the ready in the event of an overflow.

As for furnishing hot showers for everyone, you may find that you need to stagger showers at different times to avoid cold showers. If your water heater’s thermostat is set lower than 120 degrees — the highest safe setting — you’ll get a helpful boost by temporarily increasing the setting to that level.

And if you tend to play host to a big crowd in Kelowna, you might consider making your next water heater a tankless model. They come at a higher upfront cost, but they’re more energy efficient than standard water heaters and you’ll never run out of hot water with their on-demand heating.

Whether you need emergency help with an overstuffed disposal or a tankless water heater installed before Christmas, your local Canadian Rooter Plumber is standing by to help.

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